A passion for family,
farming and food, handed down
from generation to generation
since 1871

Scorri in basso

The old Farm

Our trattoria is skilfully run by the women of the family, starting with Mamma Beppa; over the years the trattoria has been the theatre for all the generations of the Ferreghini family.
Over time it has seen three important refurbishments: following the end of the Second World War, again in 1978 – following the earthquake that hit Friuli – and then at the beginning of the new millennium.

So here renewal and tradition exist quite happily together; with local recipes, starters and main courses of wild game, as well as homemade desserts.
Our wine is kept at a constant natural temperature of 10° in a well situated inside the trattoria.

We are open all year round except for Thursday and Friday lunchtimes.

Four generations of tradition

Over ten hectares, at the northernmost point of Collio, lies the Ferreghini estate. This is a DOC zone that is particularly suited to producing fine wines.
Since 1871, starting with great-grandfather Giovanni, we have been handing down our wine-making methods and tools. We produce several types of wine, with grapes that express the very best areas of our local territory and which enhance its characteristics thanks to ageing in old oak barrels.

Story of a Harlequin label

The labels created by Ferreghini are a clear reference to the famous masked character, Harlequin. Just like this character has been enriched with different scraps of colour over time, the estate has also been enriched with scraps of colour and experience, from generation to generation.

Our products

The Ferreghini generations share three great passions: wine, cuisine and “i purcitars” (pork butchers). They own their own pigs which are reared to an age of 12-14 months before being butchered, and then Roberto and Daniela use the meat to prepare salamis – made with loin fillets and bacon - and “a punta di coltello” soppressa, or sausage.

Whereas Giovanni helps Roberto to prepare excellent cold meats: bacon, ossocollo – a type of ham made from the neck of the animal -, salamis, lard, coppa di testa bollita – made from the boiled head -, sausages, the gelatinous pork sausage known as cotechino and the famous marcundella - made from offal. All ready to be enjoyed!

Ferreghini az. agr.s.s
di Roberto Ferreghini e Daniela Venica

Registered offices:
Via Adriatica 236/1
33030 Basaldella di Campoformido (UD)

Operational offices:
Fraz. Mernicco 13-17
34070 Dolegna del Collio (GO)

tax code 02727680304 – tel./fax. 0481639329 – info@ferreghini.it

Campagna finanziata ai sensi del regolamento CE n. 1308/13
Campaign financed under UE regulation n. 1308/13